Have the governor of the central bank and the minister for finance becomes the supreme authority over parliament?

Have South Sudan’s central bank governor and minister for finance and economic planning become the Supreme Authority over the legislature in the Republic of South Sudan? Marial Mabor Turic, Juba, S… Source: Have the governor of the central bank and the minister for finance become the supreme authority over parliament?</a

Why the Lakes state conflict is a result of a continuous misdiagnosis of its genesis?

PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers.

By Agok Takpiny, Melbourne, Australia 

South Sudan in chaos Lakes State in chaos

There has been a rapid escalation of violent (mostly revenge related killings) within greater Rumbek.  The violent be fitted Agaar against Agaar and or Agaar against GOK. The cycle exploits the discontents among Lakes state citizens towards the state government. Some people who are not close to the people of Lakes state may think that the discontentment towards General Matur Chut government may be that the people after all were happy with previous governor Mr Chol Tong. This isn’t true, when Chol was elected, there were high hopes that Chol Tong (a civilian) would be able to solve the state’s conflict. Those hopes were dashed when Chol Tong failed miserably to quell the unrest, in fact, he was even accused of taking sides. Hence, when Gen. Matur Chut was brought in by the president, there were terrible expectations of the people…

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Absence is like Death

PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers.

Absence is like death

By  David Aoloch Bion

One day squirrel was absent at home
An elephant came and crossed his farm
And destroyed some of crops
When squirrel came, saw crops destroyed
And big footprint on farm

‘’Who destroyed the crops? ’ asked squirrel
‘’An elephant’’ said the wife
‘’What worst in World like absence? ,
Absence is like death, If I were there ….,
If I were …., if I were……! ’’ the squirrel said moving
Up and down in great fury
‘’What will you do? ’ the wife asked

Without direct answer the squirrel shown
His testicle to his wife and said ‘’All these two things
Are the same among the bulls whether a bull of
Ant or bull of elephant. I fear only the bull with
Three testicles’’

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